About Us

Alphy & Becs was born from a simple concept: "Keep it basic and natural".

About us

We are a family run company established in 2011 by Alphy and Becs, a musician and an interior designer. Our passion for natural products pushed us to start preparing our own products for the whole family and friends which soon became very popular and in demand so we decided to start selling them and.....here we are now. All our products are 100% handmade in small batches following ancient recipes and quality controlled one by one in order to guarantee a great experience to all our customers and NO animal testing is allowed by our policy. From the making process to packaging and labeling, no machinery is involved, just our hands and love. In our shop, from every day use to aimed topics, you will find a variety of products and fragrances to suit your moods and taste.

Our Inspirations

Most of our handmade cosmetics are fruit of inspirations gathered through trips around the world, influenced by the smell of beautiful lands like Italy, Spain, France and further away like New Zealand and Australia.