Mother & Baby

Mother & Baby
Mother & Baby


This area is dedicated to the little ones and of course to their mothers. Each product is formulated to be extra gentle and ultra moisturising and they can be used from day one.

After Birth Blend - 100% Natural

We all know that giving birth is an amazing experience however, it requires a lot of effort, stress and sometimes can be quite unbalancing. We have created a special blend for all the beautiful mums out there which will really help you relax and restore the balance after giving birth. A few drops in a warm water bathtub or a lovely massage with this blend will really make you feel happy, loved and overall deserve it!

Please do not use during will have to wait!

Directions for use: Dilute with a carrier oil (Almond oil or any vegetable oil) at 1% max for a soothing massage oil. Burn a 5-6 drops in a oil burner for ambiance treatment or add 3-4 drops in a pre-filled bathtub with warm water. Do not use directly on skin as it could give allergy reactions.

Weight: 10ml.


 Lavender Essential Oil Geranium Essential Oil Bergamot Essential Oil
Baby Soothing Bath Salts

These 100% Pure & Natural bath salts are the ideal bath solution for kids and of course grown up. Just add a tea spoon in your bath and the water will turn into a lovely blue love it!

Weight: 250gr..

Add a small amount of salts to your bath for a splendid bath time experience.

Ingredients: Epsom Salt, Mandarin oil, Roman Chamomile oil, Ylan Ylan oil, Lavender oil, Vetivert oil. Other: Cl 42090 (Blue Colour).


 Natural Essential Oils Epsom Salts Chamomile Oil
Baby Soothing Moisturising Cream
  • Contains Pure Essential Oils
  • Wheatgerm Oil, Calendula Extract
  • Chickweed and Nettle Infusion Oil
  • Handmade with Organic Products - 100% free from Parabens
  • Not Tested On Animals - Vegan Friendly.

Pure bliss! This cream will sooth and moisturise the baby's delicate skin with the amazing properties of natural oils and plant extract specially blended for children's needs. It can be used on baby and mother....well....some fathers like it too!

Weight: 60ml

Water, Stearic acid, Glycerin, Apricot oil Chickweed and Nettle infusion oil, Sweet Almond oil Wheatgerm oil, Marshmallow Extract, Calendula Extract Comfrey Extract, Seaweed, Benxoin, Geranium oil Sandalwood oil, Lavender oil, Gluconolactone & Sodium Benzoate.


Apricot Oil Calendula Extract Wheatgerm Oil
Red Bum Balm - Chamomile Baby Balm - 30ml

100% Natural balm to sooth nappy rashes and to nourish the delicate skin of little ones. This fantastic balm can be used from day one and it will soon become Mum's best friend.

Presentation: 30ml. glass jar

Ingredients: Coconut oil, Calendula oil, Beeswax, Chickweed oil, Nettle oil, Chamomile oil, Pathcouli essential oil, Lavender essential oil.

Note for Vegans: This product contains Beeswax!


This product contains:

 Coconut oil Chamomile oil Beeswax